Your most critical metrics.
One real-time view.

With unique metrics and smart visualizations, the Real-Time Streaming Dashboard provides video platform operators with a virtual command center for monitoring and optimizing the viewer experience.

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More Than You Think

We are so excited and proud of our product. It's really easy to create a landing page for your awesome product.

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See trends. In real time.

Use our real-time metrics plus trending data to see how each metric has changed over time giving you more context to better understand your platform’s performance.

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Monitor your top content.

See beyond just the count of concurrent viewers. We track top titles by concurrent viewer so you can keep an eye on specific streams in addition to total performance across your platform.

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Deploy with confidence.

Understand the impact of any development changes to your platform. See where and how video performance has changed and drill down into the data to pinpoint the source of any errors.

Ready for The War Room.

Operational command centers or “war rooms” are often dark environments with too many screens that overwhelm instead of inform. We designed our real-time dashboard to give you just the right amount of contrast, content, and scalability to accomodate any television or monitor size.

Answers to key questions.
At a glance.

Similar to our Quality of Experience metrics, our real-time metrics help you answer the questions that are vital to the health of your platform and viewer experience.

Is our football game generating a lot of rebuffering?

Did we meet our audience goal for the show’s premiere?

What just went viral?

Did we break anything with our recent player update?

Where are most people watching from right now?

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